Dear Rona – Letters from Lockdown is a story collection project aimed at exploring life in the time of a worldwide pandemic.

(Fredericton, NB) We want to hear from you! Dear Rona – Letters from Lockdown is a new collaborative project inspired by our current state of affairs. The idea is simple: send us a letter telling us about your experience living in lockdown.

All stories collected through this project will be used as a platform for inspiration to create a new original, multi-disciplinary performance piece. The collection process will continue until the fall at which time invited artists from various disciplines will work collaboratively to create a unique piece of art based on our collective experience as a community, a province and a country.

Everyone is encouraged to take part and participation is easy! To contribute your voice to this project, simply get in touch and tell us how living in lockdown has changed your life. Maybe you’ve reconnected with friends and family or have rekindled your love of reading. Maybe you’ve taken up baking bread, knitting or listening to your music collection with a new focus. Maybe you’ve been inspired by the kindness you’ve seen or offended by ignorance. Or maybe this whole situation has you worried about the future. We’re all experiencing this in unique ways. There are no wrong answers.

All contributions to this project will be accepted anonymously and excerpts from contributed stories will be shared through our social media channels as the project progresses. We want your story, not your name. However, all contributors will be acknowledged in the final format of this project.  To contribute your voice to this project, please send a letter, a postcard, an email or an audio recording to the addresses below. Submissions may be any length.

Theatre New Brunswick, 55 Whiting Road, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5Y5