TNB Theatre School

Established in 1999, the Theatre New Brunswick Theatre School is dedicated to providing outstanding theatre training that educates and awakens the imaginations of young New Brunswickers. Our programs offer young performers first-class training in acting, singing, voice, and dance in a fun and supportive environment. We train over 300 aspiring performers each year, attracting students from across the province and beyond.

Whether you are the recreational student who does it “just for fun” or motivated with stars in your eyes, we offer a wide variety of training opportunities for young people ages 5 and up.

The TNB Theatre School offers programs for all ages. From Saturday morning’s Playtime Theatre class for children aged grades 5-7, to our senior level classes in Acting and Musical Theatre, we strive to foster creativity, imagination, self-confidence, performance skills, and physical fitness
while building lifelong friendships.

Programs at a Glance

Playtime Theatre

Grades K-2

Through theatre games, storytelling, and movement, students will explore and expand their creativity, imagination.

Junior Acting

Junior Acting

Students receive introductory training in acting while embarking on a story creation process that focuses on scene development, character creation, improvisation and collaboration.

Junior Musical Theatre

Grades 3 - 5

Students receive introductory training in dance and acting through games, exercises, and bringing to life popular musical theatre scenes and choreography.

Intermediate Musical Theatre

Grades 6 - 8

Students study intermediate acting, dance, and vocal technique under the guidance of a professional director, choreographer as they bring to life a one act musical.

Intermediate Acting

Grades 6-8

Students study acting theory, movement and voice as well as different forms of performance and storytelling through various workshops and plays.

Senior Acting

Grades 9-12

Students will study advanced movement, acting theory, voice, as well as additional workshops in preparation for further theatre studies.

Senior Musical Theatre

Grades 9 - 12

Our senior students will dig deep into studying singing, dance and acting. A high degree of skill and discipline is required.

Storytelling & Creation

Grade 6-12

Storytelling & Creation will feature a series of workshops led by local professional playwrights to explore the many aspects and methods of creating plays.

Adult Programs


We offer a variety of three and six week programs for adults throughout the year.

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