Post Script is a unique work of theatre delivered directly to your mailbox in the form of weekly postcards from an unknown friend.

(Fredericton, NB) In April 2020, just weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched Dear Rona – Letters from Lockdown, a story collection project aimed at exploring life in the time of a worldwide pandemic. The idea was simple.  We wanted to hear from you – our friends – to learn how everyone was coping with this unexpected turn of events. Part social documentary, part collective therapy, the project was an attempt to stay connected with our audience while providing a creative outlet for the panic, fear and uncertainty we’ve all experienced over the past many months. The response was incredible. 

“The feedback we received from this project was phenomenal,” said TNB Artistic Director Natasha MacLellan. “It’s been amazing to learn the many ways people have been dealing with life in a pandemic. Despite the obvious challenges, the level of optimism we’ve seen has been quite inspiring.”

During the five month submission period (April – August) we received numerous responses in the form of emails, handwritten letters, postcards, collage art, photos, recorded messages and a few videos. We even received a pair of pandemic inspired scripts! Spanning the full range of human emotion, this project helped reinforce the fact that no two people have had the same experience. 

As we near the one year anniversary of this pandemic’s arrival, and begin to see a glimpse of light at the end of this tunnel, we’re excited to announce Post Script, a unique work of theatre delivered directly to your mailbox in the form of weekly postcards from an unknown friend. 

“We miss our audience, a lot,” said MacLellan. “We usually see a lot of friendly and familiar faces during a regular season at TNB, and we know how much theatre means to many of them. So when we started looking at what to do with this body of work, the idea of bringing theatre to our audience and to audiences across Canada in an old school way was instantly appealing. We hope Post Script will help satisfy the craving for the type of intimate story experience only theatre can deliver.” 

Audiences can choose one of three storylines to be delivered through the mail over the course of six weeks, beginning the week of April 5 – one year after the launch of Dear Rona. Full details can be found by visiting

Due to the handwritten nature of this project, the total tickets available for Post Script will be limited to 100. Reserve your today. 

Note: This project is not available outside of Canada.