Conceived by Sherry Yoon and designed by Jay Dodge, with technology by Carey Dodge, Red Phone is a conversation that you will not soon forget. Part theatre and part social intervention, Red Phone is an audience-to-audience performance that utilizes the intimacy of a phone call and the technology of a teleprompter. It takes place between two hand-crafted, fully enclosed phone booths outfitted with a vintage red phone and an integrated teleprompter.
Two at a time, audience members engage each other in a five-minute conversation written by a Canadian writer. The act of having the conversation with an unseen partner provides an anonymity that adds to the intimacy of the performance, encouraging participants to be the actor in their own theatrical experience. Red Phone is a one-of-a-kind performance that has been described as the theatrical equivalent to singing in the shower.
Free of charge (donations welcome) and open October 14-17 at Picaroons Roundhouse, anyone can walk up and into the booths with a friend or family member and spend 5 minutes engaging in some of the most urgent, touching, thought provoking conversations written by some of Canada’s most exciting writers including New Brunswick playwright Ryan Griffith.
Watch the video below for a peek at the experience.


Who: TNB presents Boca del Lupo’s innovative theatre experience - Red Phone.
What: Red Phone is an audience-to-audience interactive performance.
When: October 14-17, 2020
Where: Picaroons Roundhouse, 912 Union St, Fredericton, NB
Why: Why not?
COVID INFO: Booth interiors will be disinfected after each use. Masks are recommended.